Okay, I feel better now…

So the title is actually the name of an AFI song which came on in the car while I was driving today but I thought it was quite fitting as I am feeling a lot better today. Today was one of those days that made me remember why I travel, one of those days that reminds you that the temporary missing of home and friends and family is all worth it. I will get to today in a moment, first of all I will let you know what has been going on the last few days. San Francisco ended amazingly! I have actually had the best last few days. Our room-mate in our hostel was an awesome girl from Bombay who was with her work mates for a conference. They came to America for a couple of days before the conference to have a bit of fun before starting work. We ended up partying with these guys and they were such good fun! It is great for me as well because I am planning to head to India in 2017 (yes, I have already planned my travel for the next two years) and it will be amazing to have local tour guides.This another of my favourite things about travelling, meeting new people, keeping in contact with them and then finally somewhere down the track meeting up again. I have met so many amazing people and I will definitely be making that a separate post as I have so many great stories. Yesterday we left San Francisco and headed to Yosemite National Park where we stayed for the night. The room cost $300 for the night but it was the most delightful little cottage in the woods with a fireplace, so we didn’t mind forking out the extra money, especially because we’ve been in hostels for most of the trip. This morning we set off to Tonopah in Nevada and to get to it we basically had to drive through the very middle of Yosemite. Cue the most scenic and breath-taking drive I have ever witnessed. While I was living in London, I did a week of driving through Scotland, sleeping in a Wicked Van. It was one of the best and most relaxing weeks of my life and the scenery was unlike anything I had ever seen. I honestly thought I was never going to see anything that would top Scotland and today I did!! It went from beautiful cliffs and lush green forest and then as we elevated to 9946 feet above sea level, suddenly we were surrounded by snow-capped mountains and there was snow on the ground. It was a little unexpected and we were caught off guard clothing wise, getting out to take photos in a short skirt and t-shirt was a fun time. After coming out of Yosemite, the landscape became an odd mix between forests and mountains and desert as we inched closer to Nevada. Both Kristy and I had read about a town in Nevada that had motel that was clown themed and also had a really old cemetery next to it. I am incredibly scared of clowns so logically, I thought it was a great idea to head to Tonopah and check the Clown Motel out. Tonopah is exactly what comes to mind when I think small town in the middle of the Nevada Desert. To be completely honest, it creeped me out a little but this is a result of watching way too many horror movies set in the middle of nowhere in America (The Hills Have Eyes anyone?) Then the scenery changed to very long, straight roads with nothing much around and homes with way too many old, beaten up vehicles in the yards. Eventually after an incredibly long but fantastic drive, we could see the Vegas lights glowing in the distance, and for the second time in my life I drove into the craziness that is the Las Vegas strip. I came to Vegas in 2013 and that trip was the catalyst to massive changes in my life. I am a different person to who I was last time I was here and it is weird to be back here after everything that has happened (I will explain this in a separate post as it is a whole saga in itself) I am very excited though as I will partying here for my birthday, if it is half as eventful as my last trip, I will have the most amazing time. Birthday week is my favourite week of the year!!

Okay, I feel better now…

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