Its been awhile

Well its been nearly two years since I last posted and since the link to this blog now in my website and more people may be reading this, I realised I needed to update on my life.

So why have I been gone for so long? well life, life got in the way. One of the biggest reasons I haven’t been around is- Ive been happy, really, really happy. The anxiety that plagued me for so long has not stopped completely and I know it never will, but it is so much better and I have been able to live my life. A contributing factor to this happiness is I now have a new partner. I was seeing him when I posted last and things were a little rocky with him but I found my worth and put the hard word on him and now we are grossly in love and have an incredible life together.

Other than being grossly in love (vomit), I also started studying. I decided that I was sick of doing jobs that I liked initially but eventually left me feeling bored and under stimulated. Every time I started to dislike a job, I would think of doing Media and communication so with the support of my partner I took the plunge and enrolled. I started in July last year and thought I could handle working four days a week. How wrong I was! I absolutely could not handle working that much and trying to do uni, I got good marks but I have never been so stressed and tired in my life.

So that essentially brings me to now- I am heading back to uni and through a creative writing course I did last term, I realised writing is something I am passionate about and that maybe I would want to get paid for. I have been lucky enough to score an awesome job working in the Social Media department for Flight Centre but it is part time so I will have time to do both uni and also some personal writing. I plan to keep this page updated now and be writing as often as possible.

Oh and just a note incase you decide to head back into the previous blog posts- those were written at a pretty dark time of life and they reflect the struggle mentally I was going through. To be honest, they embarrass me a little only because they are so raw and I am not used to be so honest with exactly how I am feeling. I am proud of them though and will not edit or delete them because thats a part of me and those thoughts and feelings are valid, they aren’t reflective of who I am at the moment but they are important.

Thanks for reading.



Its been awhile

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